Conventional Wet Processing

The demand for X-ray conventional processing consumables has slowed over the years, but we continue to supply film by Agfa, Fuji and Carestream. Other items such as Cassettes, Plates, Grids, Processing Chemicals, Wet Processors and Silver traps are also available through A.Somerville Ltd.

Agfa X-ray Film

EASUF Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 18x24cm / EWPJH Agfa CP-BU M Blue Sensitive 18x24cm

EASWK Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 24x30cm / EWPKK Agfa CP-BU M Blue Sensitive 24x30cm

EAS2U Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 18x43cm

EASVH Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 20x40cm

EASXM Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 30x40cm / EWPMO Agfa CP-BU M Blue Sensitive 30x40cm

EASYO Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 35x35cm / EUNBC Agfa CP-BU M Blue Sensitive 35x35cm

EASZQ Agfa CP-G Green Sensitive 35x43cm / EUNAA Agfa CP-BU M Blue Sensitive 35x43cm

Other sizes and makes are available on request including size 0 (child) and size 2 (adult) dental X-ray film.


Fuji Green Sensitive X-ray Film

Fuji HR-U 24x30cm

Fuji HR-U 30x40cm


Fuji Blue Sensitive X-ray Film

Fuji RX-N 13x18cm

Fuji RX-N 18x24cm

Wet Processing Chemicals

We can supply Champion/Tetenal and AGFA developer & fixer solutions for wet processing.


170110 Champion RG Developer 2x5L

170207 Champion RG Fixer 2x5L

120131 Champion Naturecare SP X-Ray Dev and Fix kit to make 2x2x5L

104000 Tetenal Roentoroll CRE Developer 2x20L

106594 Tetenal Superfix Fixer 2x20L

Cassettes & Intensifying Screens

Metal Cassettes supplied in all sizes which can be fitted with either Green or Blue emitting intensifying screens.

Slow 200 Speed

Regular 400 Speed

Fast 800 Speed


Parallel Grids 8:1 or 10:1 Ratio

Lines per cm: 34 (85 lines per inch), 40 (102 lines per inch) or 70 (178 lines per inch)

Imperial Sizes: 8×10″, 10×12″, 11×14″, 14×14″, 14×17″ and 17×17″

Metric Sizes: 18x24cm, 24x30cm, 30x40cm, 35x35cm and 35x43cm

Focussed Grids available on request

Automatic X-ray Processor

Optimax and Optimax 2010 automatic wet film processors available to purchase through A.Somerville Ltd.


ST-WD Silver Trap Window #3611

ST-WD Silver Trap Replacement Cell #3611-R

To enquire about our range of wet or digital equipment, please complete your details below