Photizo Light Therapy

Photizo Vetcare is designed to treat a variety of domestic animals of all sizes, as well as horses, livestock, wildlife, zoo and exotic species. It relieves pain, stimulates cells to repair and heal, reduces swelling and inflammation, and boosts the immune system.

Photizo® Vetcare

Photizo® Vetcare relieves pain, stimulates cells to repair and heal, reduce swelling and inflammation, reduces muscle spasms and stimulates the immune system in acute traumatic conditions. By increasing the blood and lymph bessel diameter, to ensure clearing of waste products and inflow of oxygen, nutrients and medication concentrations in the areas treated. Photizo® Vetcare is effective in treating chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic conditions and overuse injuries.

Skin conditions:
Wounds, lacerations, hyaloma tick bite necrosis, hot-spots, abscesses, saddle sores, habronema, proud flesh, acral lick granulomas, bruising, otitis externa, pyoderma, pododermatitis, skin allergies, eczema, etc.

Musculoskeletal problems:
Arthritis, tendonitis, myositis, ligament/tendon sprain/sprains, bruising, fractures, neck and back pain, splints, overuse injuries, synovitis, oedema, hematomas, muscle injuries, muscle spasms, trigger points, seromas, mastitis, etc.

Any area treated surgically, including skin grafts.

Corneal ulcers, viral/herpes-related conditions, sinusitis, retro-orbicular trauma.

How to use Photizo Vetcare

It couldn’t be easier for your animal to benefit from the healing and pain-relieving properties of Photizo red light therapy. Simply place the head of your Photizo Vetcare device containing the LEDs on the area of their body you want to treat.

Then press the power button and stop when the timed treatment finishes. Each dose is pre-programmed and tested to give the optimum amount of red light therapy per session. This way, it’s impossible to give too much of the red light therapy. After you’ve finished, move on to the next part of the animal’s body you’d like to treat. On larger affected areas, you can safely move to the area next to the one you’ve just treated, until you’ve covered it all.

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