SCALEX 890 Piezo ultrasonic scaler and micromotor

Animal helper

      Prevents periodontitis, tooth loss and bad breath in pets.


      Unique and versatile dual purpose veterinary device.

Dual Effectiveness

      Contains a self-contained piezo ultrasonic scaler and an electric micromotor in one compact unit.

Single touch

      Conveniently switch between scaler and micromotor at the touch of a button.

Easy Access

      Universal foot control accessible from 360°.

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Scaling & Polishing

Regular pet scaling can effectively prevent dental calculus, periodontal disease, bad breath, gingivitis and tooth swelling along with a variety of other conditions.

Scaling is facilitated by an ultrasonic scaler. By vibrating tartar off the teeth with the scaler we cause minimal trauma to the tooth enamel. The rapid manner removes the tartar minimizes anaesthetic time. The gentle nature of the scaler allows us to clean under the gum-line and not irritate the gums.

The tip vibrates 27,000~32,000 times per second and literally vibrates tartar off the teeth. It does not harm the enamel, and lets us clean the teeth faster than doing it by hand. It continually sprays water to minimize heat build-up which could irritate the gums.

Polishing makes the teeth look whiter and also smoothes off the enamel surface and makes it more difficult for bacteria to adhere. Once bacteria get re-established, the cycle of plaque leading to tartar and eventually gingivitis gets started all over again.

Self-contained Scaler

  • Lightweight and streamlined autoclavable piezo handpiece.
  • A variety of piezo scaler tips are available.
  • Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Technology: The enamel of the pet dentition can be debrided for a smooth tooth surface without damage.

Electric Micromotor

  • Straight and contra angle attachments included for prophylaxis and a variety of other functions.
  • Application for grinding, polishing of animal’s nails or shell with sterilisable coolant delivery tube.
  • Variable speed ranges from 3,000 to 35,000 RPM.
  • Automatic cooling fan for continuous high speed performance.

Solution tank

  • Large 1,000cc solution tank with internal pump allows for convenient portability.
  • Any type of irrigant can be used during procedures to meet all clinical needs.
  • Tank can hold various liquids for Periodontal treatment: Chlorhexidine antibacterial mouthwash, salt water. Root canal therapy: sodium hypochlorite, EDTA solution


Piezoelectric Advantage

  • Requires less water to control heat.
  • More gentle and comfortable for patients.
  • Piezoelectric handpiece is wider and more ergonomically designed than the thinner magnetostrictive one. Since the entire handpiece does not vibrate, there may be greater tactile sensitivity with the piezo.
  • Metal stacks on magnetostrictive inserts can be easily bent, which could impair vibration and overall function. This is not an issue for the piezo.
  • The piezo can also be used on all patients with pacemakers, whereas magnetostrictive scalers may not. [Older-style pacemakers do not include a shield, so the magnetism from the scaler could interfere with their operation. A thorough medical review to determine if the patient has an older pacemaker is critical.