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X-Ray Tables: Direct Digital Radiography

Acquisition of digital images in Veterinary radiography beneficially replaces the conventional processing of film and the use of chemical developers and fixer solutions. 


There are 2 types of systems which produce images digitally, the first being CR (Computed Radiography). This still utilises a cassette but the film is replaced by a storage phosphor plate. This plate is read by a Digitiser and a digital image is displayed on a monitor.


Second is DR (Direct Radiography) in which there is no cassette present. The technology is based upon a flat plate detector which is made from amorphous silicon. The scintillations recorded during an X-ray exposure are captured and displayed as a digital image just a few seconds after the image is formed. The detector is mounted in the area previously occupied by the Bucky Tray and can be retro fitted to the Vet Tech range as described below.









Vet-Tech 300HF




Filament 0.6 & 1.3mm









  • X-ray unit monitored by a touch screen

  • Table with 2 way floating panel 
  • Rotating anode
  • Collimator with a 3 layer shutter
  • Menus: automatic, manual, personal, anatomic and last case
  • Integrated digital X-ray parameters into the Vet-Tech menus

Veterinary Imaging Software

  • DICOM 3,0 images
  • Patient data base with searching function and archiving (approx. 5000 images)
  • AGFA MUSICA2 post processing of veterinary images. Constant quality for all examinations, high contrast level in all details and reduced post-processing operations
  • Exportation of images under Dicom format toward a PC accepting the Dicom store format
  • Exportation of images on a Dicom reprograph
  • Office viewer: module to install on distant PCs in order to display images that are stored on the NX working station (2 distant PC scan work simultaneously). Contrast, luminosity 2 images displayed side by side, Windows driven printers, exportation of images under Jpeg format.

Digital Hardware Equipment


  • AGFA digital panel 43x43cm (17x17")
  • Active area 42.4x42.4cm
  • Indirect technology with Gadolinium (Go) or Cesium (Csi)
  • Active pixel matrix: 3052x3052 = 9.3MP
  • Pixel size 139 microns
  • Resolution: 3.6 Ip/mm
  • Grey levels (digital output) = 16 384 levels or 14bits
  • HP Imaging workstation, with AGFA NX imaging softwares
  • Double hard disc with RAID 1 automatic storage







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Please contact the office to find out where we have installed the Vet Tech tables.

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