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X-Ray Table: Vet-Tech

A.Somerville Limited is proud to be working with GeR and presenting their Vet Tech range of veterinary X-ray systems. There is a choice of power output of 12kW, 20kW and 30kW in the two presentations, Vet Tech and Vet Tech ClassicFor the characteristics of the Vet Tech Range, please click here.


The tables have been designed to incorporate all the requirements of veterinary X-ray practice. The 20kW and 30kW systems can be readily upgraded with a DR at a later date if required.










  1.6m table top



Software/Interface: 5 menus




200mA HF, 12kW

250mA HF, 20kW

 300mA HF, 30kW 




X-ray exposure by foot or handswitch



3kW electrical mains supply






High frequency technology







4 way floating table


Cassette and grid trays


135kg weight load guaranteed


4 Rope ties attached to each corner of the table top 











Touch screen control interface



Solid mechanical brake system - foot activated




Automatic radiographic parameter regulation in real time during the X-ray exposure 



Easy to install




An Intelligent and User Friendly Interface

The Vet-Tech system is controlled by a 15" touch-sensitive screen. (This can be fixed to the wall if required)










Last Case:





You select an anatomical part and the thickness of the subject

You select your own radiographic parameters

The radiographic parameters of the Automatic can be modified and recorded

You have access to the parameters of the last exposure

You can compare your own image with a library of typical X-ray images.



The X-ray exposure sequence is controlled by electronics of the latest generation that provide with an optimised reliability:



- mA and kV regulation, in real time during the exposure sequence, ensures a constant and reproducible quality of images (this process is GeR exclusive and was granted an innovation trophy). This control replaces Automatic Exposure Control systems (AEC).


- A digital compensation mitigates electrical mains supply variations, which result in either over-exposed images or premature wearing of the X-ray tube.


- A reserve of energy, capacitors gives the advantages of the high frequency technology and significant reduction of the exposure time. The system needs a simple electrical supply line; 230V and 30Amps.

Optional Extras


Swivelling Monobloc







The 'monobloc' is the part of the system at the top of the column and that contains the X-ray tube. The primary X-ray field can be swivelled upto 45deg to the right or to the left and enables to take radiographs of specific incidences such sinusitis for example. The 'zero' or rest position is marked by a notch. A handle is added to the monobloc to ease the swivelling.






Vet-Tech X-ray systems are CE:


CEI 60601 certificate - electrical and mechanical safety standards, delivered parameters vs requested parameters challenged, X-ray emission leakages measured.


CEI 60601-1-2 certificate - Electro Magnetic Compatibility


NFC 74-100 certificate - Electrical design standard - French certificate demanded by ASN body (Nuclear Safety)


CE certificates - For all critical components supplliers: X-ray tube, collimators, tables, touch screen etc...






Reference sites


Please contact the office to find out where we have installed the Vet Tech tables.         


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