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X-Ray Processing Chemicals

 Environmentally safer chemicals








Envirosafe Developer to make 4x2.5L (Tetenal code: 104027)

Hydroquinone, Glutaraldehyde & Borate Free

Safety data sheet for 104027 - Dev

Technical Info for 104027 - Dev


Envirosafe Fixer to make 4x2.5L (Tetenal code: 104028)

Safety data sheet for 104028 - Fix

Technical Info for 104028 - Fix


(Suitable for table-top processing) 


Concentrated chemicals for table-top processing



Agfa G153 Developer to make 12x2.5L

(Agfa code: HT536)


Agfa G354 Fixer to make 18x2.5L

(Agfa code: 2828Q)


Ready to use chemicals





Roentoroll Ready-mix Developer 2x5L

(Tetenal code: 104025)

Safety data sheet for 104025

Product Info




Superfix 25 Ready-mix Fixer 2x5L

(Tetenal code: 104026)

Safety data sheet for 104026

Product Info





Concentrated chemicals for larger processing tanks




Roentoroll AC Developer 2x5L to make 2x20L

(Tetenal code: 104474)

Safety data sheet for 104474

Mixing/technical info for 104474




Superfix EC Fixer 2x5L to make 2x20L

(Tetenal code: 104002)

Safety data sheet for 104002

Mixing/technical info for 104002


Agfa G138i Developer 2x5L to make 2x20L (Agfa code: 33FYW)

Agfa G334 Fixer 2x5L to make 2x20L


Manual processing

Agfa Manual Developer 5L to make 30L

Agfa Manual Fixer 5L to make 25L


Agfa G150 Manual Developer 12x1L (Agfa code: EFBAK)

Agfa G354 Manual Fixer 12x1L (Agfa code: EFBBM)



Silver Trap Windows

ST-WD Silver Trap Window # 3611


The silver-filled exhausted window unit can be easily replaced in a few minutes. The silver trap unit has a unique plastic housing for optimum monitoring and visual observation. When drained of the liquid, the used plastic cell housing becomes a convenient airtight shipping container. The unit can also be easily rinsed to meet EPA shipping regulations. The silver-laden used cell can then be sent to refining inside the reusable cardboard box that made up its original package.


Price per unit is £95 (Excludes VAT and delivery)


Cleaning products




Developer Tank Cleaner Liquid 2x5L (Tetenal code: 104005)

Safety data sheet for 104005




Algenex Plus 1L (Tetenal code: 104571)


Safety data sheet for 104571



Algenex Plus 5L (Tetenal code: 104575)

Safety data sheet for 104575



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