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X-Ray Cassettes, Screens and Viewing Boxes





Metal Cassettes

Dental cassettes can be supplied with our without a window, sizes include:

13x18cm, 15x30cm and 18x24cm




Flexi cassettes

Black flexi cassettes available in 13x18cm, 15x30 and 24x30cm


Intensifying Screens





We stock green sensitive 400 speed screens, blue sensitive and other speeds are also available. If your cassette is in good working order but the screens need replacing, in most cases we can remove the old screens from the cassette and replace with a new pair. Please contact the office  if you require advice.

X-Ray Viewing Boxes

Single Viewing Box

with optional hotspot

Slim-line Viewing Box







LED Slim-design









Our new range of X-ray film viewers feature a distinctive, modern and slim design, only 45mm deep. Utilising LED technology it costs up to 75% less to run than conventional equivalent EEFL lights and has a lamp life of around 60,000 hours - that's up to 25 years of standard clinical use meaning reduced maintenance.


With automatic film activation and variable brightness control the DX4100 series ensure you have all the features you would need and more.Single and double available as standard, please call for triple and quad options.


                                                               LED X-ray film Viewers
  Single panel   Double panel
Luminosity 4,000 - 10,000 lux   4,000 - 10,000 lux
Input voltage 240 V 90 Hz   240 V 90 Hz
Power consumption 23W   46W
Dimensions (mm) 500 x 530 x 45   530 x 850 x 45
Weight 6.5Kg   9Kg
Light source LED   LED



Please call the office on 01484 859330 for a quotation.


Cleaning Chemicals etc

Algaecide, Systems Cleaner, Screen Cleaner and Silver Traps available, see X-Ray Chemicals page for product info.