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Veterinary Centrifuge

Pro-Vet HE

The dual purpose veterinary centrifuge that separates blood, urine, haematocrit and many other routine samples. The standard inclusive combination rotor allows capillary tube analysis (PCV) and offers extra capacity of 2ml tubes, for larger animal analysis.








Dims (HWD)

235 x 235 x 350mm


13 Kg (without rotor)



125 watts


BRK5401 & BRK5424




From 2015, all Centrifuges & rotors come with 3 years warranty


                          Programs Speed Time
  1. Haematocrit (Pcv) 12,000Rpm 300 Secs
  2. Serum 1 6,000Rpm 600 Secs
  3. Serum 2 5,000Rpm 300 Secs
  4. Urine 3,500Rpm 300 Secs



Supplied complete with........


Centrifuge with BRK5401 Motor
8003 Haematocrit (PCV) Reader
8014 Sealing Clay
16 x 2ml Tube Rota
16 haematocrit capillary tube (75mm)



Optional extras........

BRK45424 Motor

8012 Plain capillary tubes (Pack of 1000)

8013 Heperanised capillary tubes (Pack of 1000)





Pro-Vet Serum

The dual purpose centrifuge that separates blood, urine, semen and other specimens. Designed to accommodate larger samples. The standard 8 place rotor has 4x15ml and 4x7ml capability with reducers to 4ml. A truly flexible centrifuge for all your sample need.


Speed: 500-6000Rpm

Max Rcf: 3500G

Timer: 0-99mins in 4 steps

Dims HWD:23x23x35cms


Pro-Vet Multi

Equine, Zoological, Larger animals. This machine offers fantastic flexibility by using the combination rotor and a swing out rotor for those larger samples from up to 15ml of blood to 50-100ml of sperm. All in complete safety as each rotor has a recognition system matched to the centrifuge. Just change the rotor that's all you have to do. Having one machine that can do both large and small animals means huge space and cost savings.


Speed: 500-12000Rpm

Max Rcf: 13500G

Timer: 0-99mins and constant. Pulse 0-90secs

Dims HWD: 27x33x46cms


Pro-Vet Cyto4

Using centrifugal force to separate and deposit a monolayer of cells on slides while maintaining cellular integrity within a clearly defined area FROM ANY FLUID MATRIX. Cytocentrifugation also constructively flattens cells for excellent nuclear presentation. Our tilting action during spinning successfully centrifuges cells onto the deposition area of the slide giving all cell types equal opportunity for presentation.

Applications include cytology/histology, haematology/oncology, immunochemistry, virology/serology and microbiology.


Speed: 500-2000Rpm

Max Rcf: 525G

Timer: 0-99mins and constant

Dims HMD: 27x33x46cms



For more information, please download the Pro-Vet brochure here...