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Sterile Lead Free Surgical Radiation Protection Gloves

360-Degree Lead-Free Protection


After 15 years of research and innovation, Kiran have established themselves as radiation protection experts, exclusively designing apparel for intervention radiological and cardiological procedures, surgery, CT scans and general radiology. 




Kiran’s latest innovation is an unmatched range of sterile lead-free and disposable radiation protection gloves that provide the highest possible protection and are easy to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner.


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Each Kiran glove is:

 With Kiran's gloves, you are assured of:

Protection For Your Hands

Kiran gloves have been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of surgeons, nurses and operating room technicials. Sizes available from 6½ to 9.



Quality Assurance

When it comes to protecting your hands from the direct X-ray beam, there is no scope for compromises. That's why you need gloves that provide the maximum possible hand protection discovered yet.


Produced in Kiran's state-of-the-art dipping facility, each glove is subjected to rigorous contamination control and is thoroughly tested before being gamma sterilised at an independent facility. Kiran Radiation Protection Gloves comply with the standards of CE and ASTM.


Radiation Attenuation Data

Attenuation measurement at broad beam according to

EN 1331-1 (IEC 61331-1/ASTM-2547-06)


Radiation Beam Energy Level     Skin Dose Reduction
60kV     63%
80kV     53%
100kV     46%
125kV     41%

Nominal value for lead equivalence is 0.04 mm Pb.

Settings for lead equivalence: 80 kV, 0.15 mm Cu filter, narrow beam


If you would like to find out more or would like to request samples, please don't hesitate to contact the office on 01484 859330.

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