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Other Radiation Protective Clothing

Thyroid Shields

The thyroid gland is especially sensitive to radiation. Kiran's range of thyroid shields provide complete protection to neck and sternum. Available lead equivalence: 0.35mm Pb or 0.5mm Pb


Classic (505)


Harmony (525)


Elegant (535)


Slimline (515)


  • Popular new design
  • Patented collar design fits thyroid gland perfectly
  • Wide coverage
  • One size fits all
  • All-time popular design
  • Wide coverage
  • One size fits all
  • Our classic thyroid shield with enhanced design and features
  • Adjustable fastener
  • Easily attaches to our Double Sided Apron and Vest
  • Provides perfect fit and protection
  • Easily attaches to Dental Apron


More Protective Shields

Gonad & Ovarian Shield


Head Shield


Patient Shields



  • Available in one-size-fits-all and child sizes
  • Designed for ease of wear and removal
  • Adjustable belt for Ovarian Shields Lead equivalence: 1.0 mm Pb
  • Snug fit
  • Complete protection to head and ears
  • Flexible and supple
  • Designed for ease of wear and removal
  • Lead equivalence: 0.25mmPb
  • Offer protection to any part of the body
  • Customised sizes and shapes available on request
  • Vibrant colours to cheer any patient
  • Lead equivalence: 0.35, 0.50 and 1 mmPb

Eye Protection

The Kiran range of eyewear is specially designed to protect the sensitive human eye from the harmful effects of radiation. With complete protection to the entire eye, we ensure that our eyewear never exposes patients to accidental radiation. When you buy Kiran eyewear, you can expect:



Front & Side





  The unique design of this pair of eyeglasses protects wearers from frontal as well as lateral radiation. Rapidly becoming our most popular model.   These wraparound style eyeglasses are as protective as they are stylish. Their wrapped frame helps protect the complete eye, with no danger of lateral radiation. The molded frame snugly fits the nose.











Our latest innovation, Leadlite™ is the lightest leaded material in the world. This breakthrough in weight optimisation is a result of the purest and finest lead particles used together with mineral oils and minimum bonding materials replacing artificial plasticizers. Our special formulation ensures that the material remains supple for several years and is resistant to humidity.

Our most popular sheeting, Ultralite™ replaces a large part of lead with a combination of tungsten, bismuth, and antimony. It provides the same protection as leaded sheeting but at a significantly lower weight.

Ultralite™ is ideal for cath labs and intensive surgeries requiring protection apparel to be worn for long periods of time.

Kiran fulfills its promise of being a socially responsible company with Zero Lead™, an eco-friendly apparel that replaces lead with a combination of tungsten, bismuth, and antimony. This sheeting provides the same protection as leaded sheeting and is also significantly lighter.

This innovative sheeting has been extensively documented in European and American scientific journals.

Kiran apparel has a longer shelf life thanks to our proprietary Hygiena™ covering material that prevents fading and wrinkles. Hygiena is a health fabric that is resistant to blood stains and is both water and stain resistant. It is carefully crafted in Italy and completely breathable.



All our apparel can be ordered in any of our wide range of colours shown below. Choose one that best represents the personality of your medical facility. Each colour is accompanied with piping in a complementary colour.kiran_colours_with_names



kiran   A.Somerville Ltd are the sole UK agents for Kiran X-ray products