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Cassette & Screens etc







We supply many types and sizes of cassettes including cassettes deep enough to fit a grid. Can be supplied with or without a window. Sizes include: 13x18cm, 15x30cm, 18x24cm, 18x43cm, 20x40cm, 24x30cm, 30x40cm, 35x35cm and 35x43cm



Intensifying Screens





Our Green Sensitive Screens are available in all sizes. We stock the regular 400 speed screens but can order 100, 200, 800 and Mammo screens if required. Blue sensitive screens also available. If your cassette is in good working order but the screens need replacing, in most cases we can remove the old screens from the cassette and replace with a new pair. Please contact the office  if you require advice.



Grids and Holders

We stock 8:1 ratio grids with 34 lines per cm but other specifications are also available.



X-Ray Envelopes

Manilla X-Ray filing envelopes are available in 24x30cm and 35x43cm are are printed with 'X-RAY FILMS'




Cleaning Chemicals etc

Algaecide, Systems Cleaner, Screen Cleaner and Silver Traps available, see X-Ray Chemicals page for product info.