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A.Somerville Ltd has been providing radiology products to professionals since 1994. The company has been owned by Richard Cadogan since 2000. With a background of clinical and Academic Diagnostic Radiography, the company has a good solid knowledge base enabling us to provide accurate advice and instruction when called upon.

A.Somerville Ltd has come a long way since the takeover took place when we were initially a single agency company  'UK agents for CEA X-Ray Products'. We are now agents for Tetenal Medical Division, GER and Kiran Radiation Protection. Distributors for Konica Minolta and our sister company provides distribution for Agfa Healthcare consumables for England and Wales.





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      Double Viewing Box

        Now only £120 + VAT

        (Only available while stocks last)








    Maxima Ultralite Vest & Skirt - Medium

    Level of protection: Front 0.35mmPb / Back 0.25mmPb

    Vest Measurements: Chest 110cm, Length 63cm

    Skirt Measurements: Waist 90cm, Hips 100cm, Length 57cm

    Reduced to £249.99 + VAT for the set

    (4 Sets available in stock, please click here or email         for more details)



Radiation protection by Kiran

A.Somerville supply radiation protect to Hospitals, Vets and Universities throughout the UK.  We sell many designs of Medical and Vet Lead Aprons, Thyroid Protection, Gonrad/Ovarian Shields. Lead Gloves/Mittens, and Lead-Free Radiation Reducing Gloves.

CR Machines: We supply and maintain KONICA AND AGFA DIGITISERS

DR Machines: Manufactured by GeR using AGFA MUSIC2 Veterinary Imaging Software and AGFA Digital Hardware Equipment, the Vet-X DR X-ray Table offers outstanding quality for all examinations. EVA Dental DR equipment also available.

X-ray Machines: Vet-Tech and Vet-Tech Classic Veterinary Tables by GeR. Intra-Oral Dental Machines for Human and Veterinary applications. High-Frequency X-ray Generators.

Much more...
Other products available to the UK include: X-ray film and chemistry, silver traps, CD/DVD Medical Disc Publishers, Medical Washable Keyboards & Mice, X-ray Processors and much more...

Company Announcement 1st December 2010

Former Colleagues Reunite

Mark Watson formerly of Champion Distribution Ltd, Photologic Ltd and Champion Photochemistry joins A. Somerville Ltd. on Monday 6th of December as Southern Area Sales Manager and will link up with former colleague from Photosol/Champion Photochemistry, Jim Anderson Business Development Manager. Mark will be involved with the existing customer base, whilst promoting Somerville’s extensive range of products in the Medical, Veterinary and Dental markets. Mark and Jim bring some 42 years of experience in the Medical Industry to A. Somerville Ltd.

As from Monday 6th of December, Mark can be contacted by:


Mobile: 07554 881538

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